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Peloton Elliptical: Does The Brand Offer Elliptical Machines?

Looking to take your fitness routine to the next level?

If you’re a Peloton enthusiast wondering if the brand offers more than just their iconic bike, get ready to stride into a world of possibilities with Peloton’s elliptical machines

If you don’t know about the Peloton brand, it is a renowned brand that has gained popularity for quite some time.

The company excels and thrives in terms of innovative at-home workout equipment and digital subscription service. 

Peloton is popular for its cardio fitness equipment, some of which include the peloton stationary bike and treadmill range. Peloton’s equipment sports added features like touchscreen displays that stream live and on-demand fitness classes led by certified Peloton instructors. 

Peloton users can also access an exclusive digital subscription offered by the brand called ‘Peloton Digital.’

The platform aims to provide diverse cardio workouts to promote the brand’s vision.

I’m here to clarify if Peloton provides Elliptical machines, despite its significant impact in the fitness industry.

Peloton Elliptical: What You Need To Know

Fitness enthusiasts, from novices to pros seem to love Elliptical machines and workouts.

The reason for its popularity is that it offers full-body mobility utilizing all areas of the body to target cardiovascular health and endurance. An elliptical workout done right is sure to leave a good burn at the end of your cardio session. 

Since ellipticals are so popular, you just want to opt for the brand that offers state-of-the-art features, right? And one brand that immediately comes to mind, when we’re talking about cardiovascular equipment, is Peloton. 

You must be assuming that Peloton must be having an advanced range of Ellipticals owing to its excellent brand image, offering top-notch treadmills and stationary bikes. 

It may come off as a shock to you that Peloton does not offer their very own in-house elliptical machines, however don’t jump to conclusions, just yet. 

There’s a way to take advantage of Peloton, to make your Elliptical experience the ‘Peloton Experience.’

Let’s first talk a bit more about ellipticals.

Elliptical Machines: Are They Worth It?

The elliptical machine replicates walking, running, and stair climbing for a full-body cardiovascular workout. And it does that without putting excessive stress on the joints. 

An elliptical machine is low-impact, safe, and engages upper and lower body muscles for a full-body cardiovascular workout.

The elliptical machine has two pedals and two handlebars that move back and forth, creating a circular or clockwise motion. 

How Does An Elliptical Machine Work?

An elliptical machine, while seemingly looking awkward to use, is fairly easy, once you understand its mechanism and motion. 

The user stands on the pedals and holds the handlebars while smoothly pedaling on the elliptical machine.

Ellipticals typically have a stride length of 20 inches or more for ease of use.

Adjustable resistance on an elliptical machine enables users to customize the intensity of their workout.

Benefits Of Using An Elliptical Machine

There are several benefits of using an elliptical machine, which makes it a popular choice amongst cardio enthusiasts.

Some of the key benefits of using an elliptical machine include:

Full-Body Workout 

Elliptical machines are an excellent choice when it comes to machine-based cardio.
They engage the entire body, allowing for a better range of motion, and overall mobility. 

An elliptical machine engages both upper and lower body muscles, providing a full-body cardio and calorie-burning workout.

You can work on your upper body via the handlebars on the elliptical machine, while the pedals, where our foot rests, target the lower body muscles.

Therefore, one of the advantages of including an elliptical machine in your workout routine, is that it allows for a full-body workout.

Reduced Risk Of Injuries

Elliptical machines are extremely safe to operate and provide a low-impact workout, which means that they are gentler on the joints in contrast to other forms of exercise, such as running or cycling.

This makes them an ideal option for people who have joint pain or those who are recovering from an injury and for even those people who are looking to avoid or minimize the risk of injuries, all together.

Improved Cardiovascular Health And Endurance

Another important benefit that elliptical training gives out is they help to improve your cardiovascular health. It does that by increasing the heart rate and oxygen intake, which, in return, improves blood flow to the muscles and organs. 

The result is an improvement in your overall cardiovascular conditioning and endurance, along with a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, or other cardiovascular conditions.

Tailored Workouts

An elliptical trainer allows for a more targeted and customized cardio workout, as opposed to other forms, such as a tread workout, working out on an exercise bike, or, even using a rowing machine.

A cross trainer or elliptical machine allows its user to adjust the resistance level and incline level, making it easy to customize the workout, to meet individual fitness goals. 

The machine’s adaptable resistance and incline levels allow people of any fitness level to use it.

Convenience At Home

People who are looking to get their cardio sessions at home will be excited to know that elliptical machines are an excellent choice when it involves getting one for the indoors. 

They take up less space compared to other cardio equipment, such as treadmills, and are easy to use, as well as maintain.

Peloton and Elliptical Machines

If you’re a fan of the peloton workout and what it has to offer, then you’ll be glad to know that the Peloton, indeed, has a connection with elliptical training, but not in the way you’re thinking. 

People who want to use an elliptical machine, while enjoying the peloton experience, may opt for its digital subscription that I talked about at the start of the article. 

Peloton’s Digital Subscription has an array of different workout videos that include elliptical workouts, allowing you to gain maximum benefits while using an elliptical machine.

Peloton’s digital subscription service includes dedicated cardio workout videos for those who prefer elliptical machines.

A Little About Peloton’s Digital Subscription Service

Peloton Digital is a subscription service by Peloton that offers various live and on-demand fitness classes.

The service is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, allowing users to take their workouts with them wherever they go.

Peloton Digital offers a variety of different workouts that goes beyond cycling and running. This includes yoga, strength training, HIIT, stretching, cross-training, and more. 

Certified Peloton instructors lead and anchor the classes, providing guidance, motivation, and feedback to optimize users’ workouts.

Peloton Digital is available on a subscription basis, with monthly and yearly options. Subscribers can access the entire library of live and on-demand classes, as well as special features like challenges and virtual events.

Peloton Digital’s Unique Features

There are many features under the peloton digital subscription. Some of its unique features include:

  • Access from anywhere – With an internet connection, Peloton Digital is ideal for those who can’t go to the gym.
  • Live and on-demand classes – Peloton Digital offers both live and on-demand classes, giving users the flexibility to work out at any time that suits them.
  • World-class instructors with certifications – Peloton Digital has top instructors who offer challenging classes to help users achieve their fitness goals.
  • Personalized and interactive experience – Peloton Digital offers personalized recommendations based on users’ fitness goals, workout history, and preferences.
  • Integration with other fitness apps – Peloton Digital can integrate with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Strava for tracking and sharing progress.
  • Workout Variety – Peloton Digital provides diverse workouts including cycling, running, yoga, strength, and more, for a variety in fitness routines.
  • Interactive Community – Peloton Digital’s app offers a supportive community, the “Peloton Community,” for users to connect and motivate each other.

Peloton’s Acquisition Of Precor: Paving The Way For Peloton Ellipticals

In December 2021, Peloton announced its acquisition of Precor, a leading manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment. The deal was worth $420 million and was Peloton’s largest acquisition to date. 

Peloton’s acquisition of Precor may introduce a dedicated elliptical machine to their range of cardio equipment.

In addition, Peloton’s acquisition of Precor is expected to be particularly beneficial for Peloton’s entry into the elliptical market and it’s just a matter of time before Peloton announces the launch of its very own elliptical machine.

Peloton launched the Peloton Tread in 2018, followed by the Peloton Bike+ in 2020, indicating their move towards expanding their product line.

Peloton’s acquisition of Precor may lead to the addition of an elliptical machine, a growing segment of the fitness industry.

Some FAQs On Peloton Ellipticals

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Peloton Ellipticals:

Does Peloton offer elliptical machines? 

Peloton has not yet launched its elliptical machine.
However, with the recent acquisition of Precor, Peloton is expected to launch an elliptical machine in the future.

When will Peloton release its elliptical machine? 

Peloton has not yet announced a specific release date for its elliptical machine.
However, with the acquisition of Precor, Peloton is expected to launch an elliptical machine shortly.

How much will Peloton’s elliptical machine cost? 

Peloton has not yet announced pricing details for its elliptical machine.
Likely, its elliptical machine will also be priced competitively in the premium range.

Will Peloton’s elliptical machine be compatible with the Peloton app? 

It is expected that Peloton’s elliptical machine will be compatible with the Peloton app, which will allow users to access Peloton’s library of on-demand and live classes.

Will Peloton’s elliptical machine come with a touchscreen? 

Peloton has not yet announced specific details about the features of its elliptical machine. 

Will Peloton offer financing options for its elliptical machine? 

Peloton currently offers financing options for its existing products, and it is expected that the elliptical machine will also be eligible for financing options.

Will Peloton’s elliptical machine come with a warranty?

Peloton’s elliptical machine will likely come with a warranty, similar to Peloton’s existing products. 
The details of the warranty will be announced closer to the launch of the machine.

Will Peloton’s elliptical machine be available outside of the US?

Peloton’s elliptical machine will likely be available in select international markets, with details to be announced closer to launch.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, it can be said that Peloton does not offer an elliptical machine of its right now, given how the market of ellipticals is expanding, and considering the company’s acquisition of Precor, it’s only a matter of time before we witness a state-of-the-art Peloton Elliptical. 

When it comes to the elliptical machine, though, you can continue to enjoy its workout benefits, by pairing it with Peloton Digital. 

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